Kai Motta artist standing in front of Chaos in the Machine No.4


Kai Motta is a London born self-taught studio artist currently based on the south coast of England. Initially he was hugely inspired by graffiti, street art, hip hop and skate culture. Later he became obsessed with the American Expressionist abstract art movement. He now exploits both mediums to produce his graffiti-esque abstract artwork. The paint is applied with uncleaned brushes where the paint has dried in order to achieve a hard calligraphic edge. The paintings are produced to look like they are saying something, with the brushstrokes implying the meaning rather than a definitive set of letters.

“We now inhabit a world where the freedom to be oneself is increasingly constrained and attacked, the act of conforming is ever-present and ubiquitous, every movement is monitored, tracked and continually under the microscope without any real protest, and through the use of artificial intelligence every future step is now planned and digitally co-ordinated. From what and how we consume, to exercising, our love lives, political views, our spirituality and more, information is constantly being collected and stored to govern and direct/re-direct our lives to gain profit from in this neoliberal period. This in itself breeds competition, isolation and insecurity, symptoms of this meaningless age.”

“I want my paintings to confront the viewer, to communicate a longing for freedom in the period we ineluctably find ourselves by combining two different art forms: Graffiti street art and abstract art, the latter, a form that has no real external living shape to be copied. It is a risk, a roll of the die, a leap into an unknown when confronted with the blank canvas. This is a beautiful freedom. A freedom to truly be oneself to explore without boundaries or someone pulling the strings. As an artist I paint for a reason, not just to produce pretty art to fill a space on a wall or to be viewed through a device in our palm and ‘liked’ but as an antidote to this vacuous regulated disciplined throwaway age that now consumes us all.”

“The canvas for me is a catharsis, an act of freedom, a place to be free in the Brave New Digital world.”

Kai Motta Artist