Barcelona with my muse

It had always been one of my true desires to visit the Picasso museum in Barcelona, more than to actually visit Barcelona itself, fortunately it just so happens that this mediterranean metropolis is a pretty beautiful majestic city to meander around. Plus to travel there with my muse, added joyousness to the journey.

Barcelona is a beautiful city with its labyrinthine streets that are just asking you to wander around aimlessly to admire the architecture and areas decorated with modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudi, most impressively the Sagrada Familia church which gracefully dwarf the observer.

The Joan Miro museum in itself is a wonderful surreal building housing many of his works high up on Montjuic hill perched only steps away from the 1992 Olympic stadium, which on a sunny day, although quite an extensive stroll, is worth the effort nonetheless.

But for me, the Picasso museum was par excellence, particularly as it was tucked away in a small street, almost hidden to those not seeking it out. There was nothing ostentatious about the building at all, it was simply there to exhibit work by one of the greatest artists that ever lived. With many rooms you can freely walk around and take in the work of a genius through his different periods and learn about how he became the formidable figure that he is today.

We all know him, most notably, for his cubist work and the painting Guernica, but what I found incredibly impressive was the paintings he produced as a teenager, straight forward still life. To be producing work like this at such a young age clearly shows his talent and it’s no wonder he went on to become the master he is today.

Unfortunately Guernica is exhibited in the Museo Reina SofĂ­a in Madrid, maybe not unfortunately, as this will give my muse and I a reason to travel to another Spainish city…

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